Being a teenage Christian is hard, but being a teenage Christian with a headscarf is even harder.

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Hi! I'm Gertie, a revert Shi'ite Muslimah living on the east coast. I reverted to Islam this year, Alhamdulillah, and I'm still trying to learn about my religion and be a better Muslim.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sowers of Hope

I found this shop when I searched for various headcoverings. I like to wear snoods and headband type coverings around the house (they ARE really convenient for keeping hair out of one's face!)

Brown Paisley Extra Wide Convertible Headband Headcovering

Deep Brown and Green Paisley Israeli Tichel Headcovering

Teal and Red Floral Snood Headcovering

Headcovering Autumn Glory

Soft Teal Floral Scarf Israeli Headcovering

Pink Floral Scarf Israeli Headcovering

Floral Miriam Convertible Headcovering

Natural Chocolate Roses Extra Wide Convertible Covering

Sowers of Hope 

Well, these are just as few of my favourites. Check them out!

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